Top Budgeting Apps

There are two ways to go about managing your budget. One is to sit down and look at the numbers you are generating each month and draw up a conclusive way of managing all your financial needs and ensuring that a portion of the income is saved for future use. You can even one up the whole process by using some of your income to invest in stocks and trading. Well if you think all that is a lot of work and you want the easy way out then here is the list of apps that will make your life a whole lot easier. Also, these apps work on Android phones because buying an iPhone is just bad business.

  1. Good Budget

We are going to start off with an easy one. A good budget is an app that has a cross-platform interface, and its UI is one of the best in the market. The best part about the app is about how effective the design and aesthetic appeal is. You don’t want to be having an app that just has random numbers on the screen, now do you? So trust us and take that leap. Also, Good budget is a great way to kick things off for people who are just starting out with making a budget.

Verdict: For beginners

  1. My Budget Book

‘Let’s move on to some big players, shall we. If you are serious about budgeting and are looking for an app to aid in the development of your financial plan, then the application will be perfect for you. For starters, the application acts as a financial manager in all aspects, and there are no in-app microtransactions to avail services; there is the added benefit of having offline support at any time that makes this app a serious contender for all thing budgeting. The whole thing can be customized to ensure maximum user interaction and interface effectiveness. Since there are no microtransactions of any kind, it is to be noted that this is paid app and we believe that paying for this app isn’t really a bad deal. Think about it, you can pay $3 up front and enjoy limitless access of the one app that is surely going to make your whole financial management a walk in the park, or you can go for a free alternative that is no better than a spreadsheet.

Verdict: Simply the best